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The E-Mullahs: Practice What You Preach, Please!

It was after a long, scary discussion on the safety of pictures on Facebook, that I decided to check out one of the pages I knew posted girls’ pictures for the sake of entertainment. These were a random mixture of cover photos and profile pictures which had been set to public (as per Facebook’s new default settings).

What amazed me, however, were not the pictures. It was in fact, the comments on those pictures that lured me into writing this blog. Not only were there comments praising the girls’ pictures, but some of the visitors had the audacity to comment on the girls’ clothes and even to deliver a fatwa!

Please tell me what were such men doing on this page in the first place? Did they expect to come on a page named something like ‘Sweet Girls from XYZ’ to find picture after picture of burqa-clad women? I should say not, and their comments would support my verdict.

One of the pictures I came across was that of a girl in capris and a sleeveless shirt. Most of the men had commented on the beauty of the girl (and I don’t think they meant her face), but a couple had gone as far as to say that what she was wearing was haraam. Oh, the irony!

These same men had commented using increasingly cheeky adjectives on some of the other pictures. A picture of a girl dressed in a kurta shalwar bore the comments ‘nice’ and ‘cute’, whilst a more seductive picture had comments like ‘nice lips’ and ‘sexy’.

Now, my question is: would these men be found on this page had they not come looking for pictures of ‘sweet’ girls? Would they have taken the trouble of scrolling through picture after picture of random girls unless they wanted to look through them?

So my conclusion is that men can basically do whatever they want. They can stare at women and make them feel like a fish out of water, they can have fun ogling at pictures of girls which they have no right to access, and once they’re done, they can announce that what the women are doing is haraam.

I will not get into the debate of what’s haraam and what’s halal, because that is a completely different story. These e-Mullahs, however, seem to have their own version of religion to follow. Here, they are allowed to have all the fun and pleasure they want, yet girls having a little fun are subjected to their opinion (which they have absolutely no right to give). These men have sisters, mothers, and wives at home whom they keep burqa-clad and covered. They come online to seek pleasure from pictures stolen from others’ profiles, and then have the audacity to issue a fatwa against these women! I can guarantee that half of the girls from the photos on this page do not even know they’re being ogled at!

I request these people, who all suddenly become religious scholars the minute they come online, to at least practice what you preach. If you think what the girls are doing is haraam, teach it to your family. Let them spread the word out to their friends and family. If you want to bring about a change in the world, this is not the place to start. And, if you can’t keep your eyes off the pictures of these girls, then please, at least stop being a filthy hypocrite. You love them, and you seek pleasure out of these women’s photographs. And trust me, there is nothing more haraam than than being a munafiq.

(MUNAFIQ (read:hypocrite))