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With Apologies to Mr. Jinnah: I Let Pakistan Crumble in Front of Me

Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Father of the Nation

On the fourteenth of August in 1947, you, Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah finally gave the Muslims (and other minorities) what they had been struggling for: a new nation to freely practice their faith. Now, almost sixty-six years later, Pakistan is anything but.

Everyday, innocent Christians are blamed, and given the most outrageous punishments for the most petty crimes. Everyday Shias are targeted for practising a slightly different faith. Everyday the sons of influential people are let loose because of their heritage. Pakistan was supposed to be a peaceful land, the land of pure as the name says, or the place where no person would ever feel unsafe no matter what their religion, caste or creed. I say now, and I’m terribly apologetic to Mr. Jinnah, that I have failed you. You made a state for my family and I and we gave you nothing in return.

I am sorry Mr. Jinnah, but I was not able to sustain the land you provided us Muslims. I let your sacrifice for us go in vain, for if we were targeted before in India, we are targeted multifold today.

I am sorry Mr. Jinnah, but I did not educate myself. I had the resources to, but I let it all go to waste. I did not stop for a minute to think about that child who was craving education, but did not have the means. I had my parents’ money, and that was enough for me. I am sorry I did not try to learn more about my country, it’s heritage, and your struggles to give us my beautiful motherland.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah. I sat in my home and shook my head, but I did not get up and stop them. I saw the monsters taking over my country, and I sat in front of the television with popcorn. I foresaw how this was going to end, but I refused to care.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah, for I was unable to protect the females in my country. I could not provide them the protection you promised. For you see, there was a more ravenous creature inside me.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah, I knew this would happen if I brought a criminal to power. I was greedy, and I voted for him. He kept us all well fed during his tenure, and we never felt the hunger of the poor.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah, for coming into government for the money, and not for the people. I came here to enjoy, not to serve. I’m sorry to have let you down.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah, but I stood aside and watched them take apart Pakistan. I supported them, offered them my shoulder, too. I should have not. I should have thought about my citizens. I should have thought about your sacrifice; I did not.

I was selfish yesterday, I am selfish today and that is how I thrive. But the time has come for this government to go, and I am afraid my role in this country will no more be important. I’m apologizing Mr. Jinnah, deeply, sincerely. I let Pakistan crumble in front of me, but I did not do anything about it.

Now, as the elections come near, I am given another chance. I can choose to re-elect the same government and eat off people’s taxes for the next five years. Or I can elect a reasonable, sincere leader and give the people of Pakistan what they really deserve.

But, Mr. Jinnah, forgive me once more for I am just a human. I have not learnt to place others’ needs before me, I do not know if I can start now.

I salute you for doing what no human has done for his people. It saddens me to say that we didn’t deserve it. Once again, I am sorry Mr. Jinnah, for taking your vision of Pakistan and shredding it until it was no more.

My apologies. But I’m only human.