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Freedom of Everything: How Much is Too Much?

Freedom is the power to act, think or speak as one wants without hindrance or restraint. As the years pass by, freedom in Pakistan (and yes, I’m only talking about Pakistan) is increasing dramatically. For all those liberals out there, I don’t condemn freedom, and I am not staunchly against it either. The only problem I have with freedom is that it is being used wrongfully.

Pakistan, when it was made back in 1947, was made with the intention that Muslims, who were suppressed in India, would get their own homeland where they could freely practice their religion. Pakistan, today, has barely any practicing Muslims. In fact, you would see that ‘liberals’ have more freedom here than the practicing Muslims themselves.

So what went wrong? When did Pakistan become a ground for those increasingly westernized people, and when did innocent Muslims start being killed brutally, as if they were the ones who were wrong?

Correct me if I am wrong, but a majority of Pakistani population is of the opinion that, to progress, we need to do as the West does. It is blatantly assumed that we need to follow their footsteps, and in doing so, we’ve picked out certain elements of their lifestyle, molded them into our own, and have begun pretending as if they were rightfully ours.

So why, I have to ask, are we still so far behind? Didn’t we accomplish what was required to hop on to that beautiful road to success? Is it because some of the Pakistanis still refuse to follow the West? I should think not.

The reason is, and once again correct me if I am wrong, we have way too much freedom. Freedom of speech is one thing, yes, and everyone deserves it. Freedom to do what one wants is acceptable too. However, somehow we have managed to miss the point that the people we are so impressed, the people at whose feet we are ready to worship,  have rules too. They may have all the freedom in the world, but they have rules and regulations and they are expected to follow them. They gave all the rights to their people, only because they knew they still had them on a tight leash.

Why am I rambling on and on about freedom and modernization?

In the process of modernization, we have begun to lose our youth. Our youth, which was supposed to revolutionize Pakistan, has become morally corrupt. Yes, freedom is the way to progress, but freedom of what? Surely freedom to become as socially and morally corrupt as one wants is not the road to progress?

Look before you adapt, is all I can say. For there are still people, who, even after being exposed to such a community, turn out okay, know their morals, know what to adapt and what not to. There are still people who are actually Pakistanis, as opposed to those Pakistanis who defame our beautiful country. There is still hope for Pakistan, but only because of a minority that refuses to budge, still accepts their own values, and works hard to bring things back to they way they were.

Progress is good, in fact, progress is great; losing yourself, your culture, your values, your identity in the process, is definitely not. It might as well be the first step towards failure. Be yourself, be humane, follow your rules, and all will turn out well.