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PTI’s Car Rally at Seaview: false hopes?

The car rally at Seaview today was the first PTI rally I’ve ever attended. Being an avid PTI supporter, mind you, most of my support was limited to my facebook profile, blog and facebook profile. Today, despite Imran Khan’s absence, I decided to attend the car rally. 

While I adorned myself in a green and white kurta shalwar -depicting Pakistani flag, of course,- my brain repeated the slogan ‘Ek tsunami, Ek toofan, Imran Khan Imran Khan.’ What I expected of this rally was obviously not anything like those at Mazar e Quaid and Minar-i-Pakistan. However, I did expect it to be a fraction of those, especially since all the other parties claim that most of Khan’s support resides in the ‘burger’ areas of Defence and Clifton. 

Was I right? No. Was I close? Ha. No. This car rally consisted of a little more than twenty cars that assembled at Seaview and proceeded to Salt and Pepper Village, before turning back and going to Teen Talwar. 

The question which arises here, is that is Khan’s support really that weak as shown by the rally today? I suppose not. Undoubtedly most of Khan’s support comes from underage youth, but the fact that less than 1% of those supporters came to the rally is disheartening. 

I would like to point out here that despite closely following all PTI and Imran Khan updates, I found out about this rally through a relative. I conveyed the message to a few of my friends and my facebook friend’s list through a status update, but most of them didn’t pay much heed. In the end, I reached two conclusions:

1. PTI should have promoted this rally better. Moreover, it should have been organized better. The few cars attending the rally were lost between the traffic of cars coming to Seaview. Funnily enough, the main Seaview road had the least traffic I’ve ever seen there on a Sunday evening, including visitors and participants of the rally both. 

2. Majority of PTI’s supporters are drawing room supporters. They will tell others to support PTI, will list off the advantages off their fingers as if they were talking about their favourite food and will stand up for Imran Khan every time someone supports PPP or PML-N. However, when it comes to actually supporting the cause and coming out on the roads, they would prefer to sit at home and watch it on television. 

This makes me wonder whether my vote for PTI is going to go to waste. Are there enough voters out there to bring PTI to power? Are there enough voters who want change? Or are we doomed for another five years?

5 Reasons to Vote for Imran Khan.


1. Well, he’s Imran Khan. 
2. No other country has ever had a PM as good-looking as him. 
3. If he’s PM, youth will take more interest in politics. 
4. ‘Our PM won us the cricket world cup back in 1992’ sounds so good to the ears. 
5. If he comes to power, Amir Khan will come to Pakistan to celebrate! That’s called killing two birds with a stone!