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Of Double Standards and Poor Ol’ YouTube


Everyone in Pakistan is aware of the YouTube ban which was imposed back in September 2012. Rehman Malik, and then later Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf banned YouTube in view of the blasphemy laws of Pakistan.

On one side the media is condemning the insulting video made on the Prophet’s life. On the other hand, Geo TV and Geo Films are publicising Race 2, a bollywood movie. Now, these two things have absolutely nothing in common, except for the fact that they both have, in a way, insulted Islam.

A recent poster used to market Race 2 was brought to our attention. This poster consists of its semi-clad cast posing in front of a work of calligraphy. How is posing in such a vulgar manner in front of verses from the Quran any different than making a blasphemous video on the life of the Holy Prophet? Or are we so eager to mend ties with India that we plan to overlook this little fact?

Mr. Rehman Malik, this I say directly addressing you. I don’t think banning YouTube was a good idea. All it did was spew some more hate talk about our government and you. You might have banned it for a good reason, but there is nothing stopping me from saying that you used the situation for your own ulterior motives.

If you can ban YouTube for not removing a video concerning our Prophet (p.b.u.h), then you can also ban Race 2 from being shown all over Pakistan. You can ask Geo Films to stop advertising Race 2 because obviously the Indian Film Industry does not care one bit about their Muslim counterparts if they have allowed such a poster to be made and spread.

I am not against improving  the India-Pakistan relationship. All I ask is for you to be fair when deciding between right and wrong. A Muslim Party in India has also appealed to Manmohan Singh to take notice of this matter, and to at least prevent the release of such posters, if not banning the movie itself.

As far as the movie contains no sacrilegious content, we Pakistanis would always love and appreciate Bollywood films. I’m sorry, but this time around you went just a slightly bit overboard. We do not like anyone messing with our Prophet (p.b.u.h) and our religion.

We will not offend you, nor your beliefs and in return, we expect you to do the same. We do not like the fact that you have used verses from the Quran on your poster (which doesn’t seem like it would have altered the fate of your movie, unless it was just a publicity stunt all along), and we do not like the fact that you have them plastered at all places big and small.

I hope you will not take any offense over this matter and understand my point of view. You have exploited my religion and I am hurt. Once again, most politely, I shall ask you to take these posters down and refrain from doing any such thing in the future. We Pakistanis are very calm and nonviolent – unless provoked.