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Of Manners and Spoilt Brats.

When I began writing this blog, it was supposed to be a story about an innocent being crumpled by the corrupt. I wrote a paragraph from the point of view of a patriot, and then stopped. I could’ve gone on, but there is no fun in negatively portraying something so close and dear to you. 

It got me thinking. 

When I was listening to the news earlier today (which is all about Musharraf and his supposedly treason case), I couldn’t help but feel sorry for that poor man. I try to distance myself from politics as much as possible. The fact that my knowledge in that area is minimum doesn’t help much either. Looking at the news and all that they are showing about Musharraf’s past, it isn’t hard to figure that he is a good man who just happened to come across some very poor circumstances and even worse people. 

I won’t write about what I don’t know. I’ll stay on my level and talk about Musharraf who, for me, was a breath of fresh air. What little ‘positives’ I know about Bhutto and Sharif tenures come from my history books, and even those don’t make me like these people any better. However, when Musharraf was in power, I felt safe. When he was to be impeached, and Pakistan plunged into the ‘Dark Ages’, I, like so many others, was mortified. When he decided to come back to Pakistan to contest in the elections, I was jubilant, albeit a little scared inside. 

Fastforwarding to today, when Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, in his childish tweets, degraded a man of his honor and standard, I was enraged. Not because I didn’t consider it a stunt (because I know what politicians – every politician – is capable of) and not simply because I disagree with him. I was enraged, because Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is a twenty-five year old kid (excuse the expression) while Pervez Musharraf is a seventy-year old ex-army chief. 

Hearing BBZ talk about Musharraf like that sounds like listening to that eight year old kid mouth off in front of adults just because his parents forgot to teach him manners. I don’t care what his views are (yes, everyone has them) and I don’t care if he considers Musharraf a traitor (more than half the country does). What I care about is him talking about an ex-army chief and ex-president like he was his personal slave. 

Now, Mr. BBZ. If you are going to contest the 2018 elections, and you plan on winning them (considering there is no rigging that is) I, for one, wouldn’t want the misbehaved kid that no one likes to be my Prime Minister. Considering that these are values instilled in most Pakistanis from Day One, I think I can count on several thousand other people who would chide you for those tweets. 

This is not how we speak to our elders in this country. If you plan on representing us, you might want to learn the basics first.