5 Things You Hear A Lot if You’re From a University Affiliated with Karachi University.

If you have studied in, or are studying in, a university affiliated with the University of Karachi (Karachi University; KU), you must have come across these five instances at least once in your life. If you haven’t, then immediately bow down in gratefulness and praise the Lord for that beautiful moment when KU stopped being itself!

These instances tend to increase in frequency as the year draws to a close.

1. ‘Beta, date agayi?’ (Has the date been announced, child?’)
 This question will be asked a million times and the answer, every time, will be in negative. 
2. ‘Third year start hogaya hoga na?’ (Your third year must’ve have started, right?)
 Wrong. Since I haven’t really taken any exams and therefore haven’t actually cleared the previous year. This is followed by pitiful glances and question number 3. 
3. ‘Fail tou nahin hogayi?’ (I hope you didn’t fail?)
Ha. You’re so funny I think I’ll die laughing. That joke would’ve been funnier (and perhaps more credible) had I actually attempted the examinations. 
4. ‘Still no date?’
open-mouth-shocked-face Um, no?
5. When did you start studying in Karachi University?!
Shocked-Kitten-Face-640x360I…didn’t? I think you misunderstood the word ‘affiliated’. 

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